Thinking about the work I'm having done at the dentist tomorrow. Not excited. This is what happens when you avoid something necessary for a LONG time.

Reading the Bible. I've been trying to really make time for it. Other than that, I haven't been reading too much. BUT, I have a Kindle Fire HD coming in the mail so that should change soon.

Listening to Matthew West. Have you heard this man's music? Seriously, I saw him in concert recently at our church and was floored. I was floored not just because of his music but for his obvious heart for God.

Watching lots of Frozen. I actually like it but the songs really and truly get stuck in my brain. FOREVER.

Thankful for Celebrate Recovery. Regardless of any stigma attached to it, this program is NOT for just the "big issues" whatever those may be. Honestly, anything that is a struggle for you personally can be helped by this program.

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