Crazy Banjo

I think we've come to the conclusion that our dog is crazy. Banjo is 8 months old now. We are still working on the house training. Seriously, this is worse than potty training. Well, it's close at least. He acts completely psycho sometimes with boundless energy. He's chewed a few pairs of shoes. Not the hubby's shoes for some reason. But, when he's mushy and cuddly - we melt. It's the same as with kids I think. You know, thank goodness they're cute because I am on my last nerve. Or, something like that anyway.

Banjo is addicted to water. Not just any water. Fresh water. Rain water. He acts like a damn fool dragging us out in the rain for a drink. It goes something like this...

"Oh rain! I love rain. Let me lick the slide. Let me lick the chairs. Let me lick the grass blades and run around like an idiot! Nom nom nom." 

Every single time this is our experience. Snow is just as bad. He wants to rid Wyoming of all the snow, I swear! Don't believe me? Photo proof right here.

I'm not sure where this love of rain water came from. It's cute but not cute when we are being dragged out into the rain and snow just to get a drink. Even in the house, we give him clean, cold water and he drinks half the bowl right then. But, he doesn't drink the other half. He waits until the next time we give him new water. Eh, dogs are weird sometimes. 

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Anonymous said...

My cat is the same way about her water dish. She only drinks a little bit of it then comes meowing at us for fresh water a few hours later even though her dish it still almost full. Animals are so crazy!