5 Things That Are New

We are part of the summer movie program here. Do you have one? 11 movies for $8? Um, yes! We have been enjoying our cheap movies!

My hubby has a new job! He's in a whole new field, the oil field, and learning as much as he can as fast as he can.

Abby has her new tooth coming in. She still has the big gap in her smile but it's going to be closing fast!

It is hot. I think I promised not to complain about the heat at some point...but I take it back. It would be one thing if we had a/c but we do not. I do love that at night it cools down. That is different than AZ!

Some of the gals in my MOPS group are going to MomCon in KY this October, including me! That's the Mother's of Preschoolers Convention. And yes, Abby is going into Kindergarten but I have until the end of her Kindergarten year before I have to leave the group.

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