Being Brave

Once a year we have a festival in town called Frontier Days. It's a big one - 9 days or so - and makes this city feel more country than it is already. Horses, parades, cowboy hats, boots, buckles, bulls. Oh, and did I mention a carnival? Yes! 
Now, I am not huge on rides for a couple of reasons. The first is I tend to get dizzy very easily as it is. Secondly, I've always been too large for the majority of the ride restraints. Painful to admit but it's true. I'm all about letting the light shine on the painful stuff now. Or, trying to be all about it anyway. I don't even get in lines anymore due to being turned away at the last minute or trying to stuff myself into a restraint and having to admit defeat. Note: I'm on the road to changing that part of it. Thank the Lord.
The other day we went to the carnival. Seeing the joy on Abby's face was precious. I wish I could have actually captured it. She's such a joy. Also, she was beyond brave. After riding some kiddie rides, like a small roller coaster, she looked up and said she wanted to ride the swings. You know, the swings that go up in the air spinning around and around. Those swings. I tried to tell her they might be too grown up for her. Nope. Cause the thing is...she is tall enough for any ride in that place. Honestly, she's not even quite six yet and she is at 48 inches tall. So, this happened.

I'm not sure I breathed the whole time she was up into the air. My friend and I watched her face intently. It seemed that every other time around she was smiling. The off times she looked unsure. I thought I was going to have to calm down an upset child when the ride stopped. Instead, she ran toward me and hugged me telling me 'Fun, fun, fun!" Um, wow. She is so much more than five right now. She really is almost six. She's growing up despite my desire for her to stay small. 
Later that night we went back to the carnival with my husband. He was shocked at her braveness too. In fact, she was braver that night than earlier. This child wanted to go on this.

And, she did with her Daddy. Not Mommy. No, Mommy learned  her lesson a long time ago about this ride. So, she rode it bravely and did not like it at all because it was too high. It's not the height that bothers me near as much as the sudden drop.
One of the things I have always hoped is that our daughter wouldn't act like I did as a kid. I was the shy child trying to impress everyone. The child who got picked on and left out. The child that was afraid of everything and worried all the time. So, I love that our daughter's braveness is coming through. Love it. 

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Becky Dougherty said...

She sure is brave! I won't even ride those kind of rides! lol