5 Things Every Parent Should Know

I want it fully noted that I am speaking to myself here. If you happen to find truth in these as well then I am glad. It's so easy for me to forget these five things. So stinkin easy. Well, here is my reminder.

1. No child is perfect. This may seem obvious but I find myself acting like my five year old shouldn't be making certain mistakes. Some of them over and over. She is human as am I. Why shouldn't I expect her to be imperfect?

2. No mom is perfect. Honestly, despite our best intentions, you will make mistakes in raising your child. You will. Stop stressing over it. You cannot control that. Someday your child may end up in therapy. It's okay. Keep on going and doing your best...and let God do the rest. 

3. Your kids need you. Yes, they need you to make them lunch and give them baths. But - they also need you to be there for them emotionally. They need you to love them. They need your time. Everyday.

4. They are only little once. Don't overload them with activities. This is a sore point and I get that but bear with me. I'm not saying don't do classes and lessons. I'm saying don't overschedule them. Let them have downtime and playtime. 

5. Playing is important. Kids learn through play. Help them to learn to play by themselves as well as with others. Try not to let them watch too much television. From my own experience it seems to drain creativity if done often enough.

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Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

I feel each and every one of those things you posted! thanks so much for reminding me of all of them!