Five on Friday

1. Our little girl will be six in exactly two weeks from today! I'm not sure how this is possible and I'm a bit in denial. She tells me she will be six and then seven. I told her I'm not ready. She doesn't seem to care about that fact. She's counting down the days until her birthday party as well. 
2. We are now members of a gym. It feels good to workout again other than simply walking. Today was my first workout there and I am exhausted in a good way. Also, I got told several times tonight, by people I don't see in person often, that I look awesome. That was a nice perk to the evening.
3. On a related note, I found an amazing playlist on Spotify for my workouts. It's "Christian Exercise Tunes" in case you want to check it out. The songs are so full of energy and life. They have good beats and are not necessarily songs that I am sick of hearing on the radio. WIN!
4. We had a Bunco Night tonight that was SUPER fun. Have you ever played Bunco? It's a dice game that is easy to learn on the spot. I did not fair well in the winning department but that was overshadowed by all the laughs.
5. I can also officially say I am going to MomCon this year! Tickets of every kind have been bought. There are seven of us going from my MOPS group. I think we will have a blast! It's in Louisville, Kentucky and I've never been there before.

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Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Happy 6th birthday to your little girl. Bunco is so fun! Love it.