I Can't Eat That

Have you ever heard someone say "I can't eat that"? That was me. Up until a few weeks ago I said it all the time. In fact, I still catch myself saying it occasionally. Do you know what I realized? That simple phrase completely took the control away from me and put it somewhere else. Now, I've learned to say "I CHOOSE not to eat that." It's a small change but makes all the difference in the world to me. I have the choice whether or not to honor God with my body. Up until a few months ago I believed I had no choice. I was trapped. Trapped and unable to change. I believed in God but didn't believe He could or would change me. How wrong I was. 

Now, I'm not saying it isn't hard to resist food. It is. I fail at times. Oh yes, sometimes the ice cream or oreos call me and I answer. I am human after all. There is one big difference now. I know that one choice will not undo my new lifestyle. It's not about one choice, after all, it's about the sum of your choices. This new belief and the fact that God is making me into a new person has been the basis of my success thus far. Did I just say thus? Wow, I must be tired. Anyhoo. I have lost, so far, a total of 36 lbs. Thirty-six. This is the most I have lost. Ever. Yes, I have a long way to go. About 108 lbs actually - just keeping it real people. I try not to remind myself daily. It's hard. Ultimately, it's not about the weight. It's about health and treating my body the way I should. 

So, how am I losing this weight on a real level? Exercise and eating right. Mostly. I typically work out five days a week for about an hour total each day. Elliptical always, sometimes treadmill, sometimes stationary bike and every other day I do strength training. It's not too much because I am starting to build endurance. I'm starting to know my body. As far as food goes, I'm trying to eat more veggies and fruits. Cut out sugar and flour. I feel better than I have ever felt. I cannot imagine how awesome I will feel when I reach my goal cause, for once, I truly believe I will.

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Becky Dougherty said...

This is such a great attitude! I am trying to take care of my body and to make healthier choices. I'm watching my calories and exercising. Sometimes it IS really hard because I'm very picky when it comes to food that's good for me! But one thing I had to learn is that it's ok if I mess up sometimes. For me, it's ok if I take a break...particularly if there's something special going on. Just because we do those things doesn't mean we've completely failed at the life style changes! You just need to get up and go on the next day! :)