The Monumentour (New Politics, Paramore, and Fall Out Boy)

Last night I had the opportunity to see New Politics, Paramore, and Fall Out Boy at Red Rocks in CO thanks to a sweet friend with an extra ticket. I'll start by saying I've never seen any of them in concert before AND I've never been to Red Rocks. I had no clue what I was in for.
This was my view in the middle of the stairs. Yes, stairs. I believe I read there are about 350 of them. And we went to the top...very, very slowly. If you were behind me, I apologize. But, you know what? I MADE IT! I firmly believe that three months ago I wouldn't have been able to do it. Plus, we were parked at the very lowest parking lot so we had that hike as well. Let me say one thing. I should have worn sneakers and not flip flops. Ouch. Another thing? Dang, look at this view!

First up was New Politics. I wish I could say I've heard of them but nope. They are Danish and I've not heard any of their songs before. Well, at least none I remembered. It was like there was a dance party on the stage. He danced his little feet off. Next, came a band I really enjoy. Not nearly as much as my good friend Jess (See, I mentioned you in this post!!) but I knew a good number of their songs. Pics? Of course!

There was lots of confetti going on with Paramore and big bouncy beach balls. And, notice the guy next to me? Aside from offering me pot (which I didn't take!) he also almost burnt his finger trying to be old school for a slow song. That is why they switched to cell phones, I think. Back to the music though. I think they did a fairly good blend of new stuff and older stuff. After all, they've been around about 10 years. They had a lot of songs to pick from. Some of my faves were That's What You Get, The Only Exception, and Ain't It Fun.
Finally, Fall Out Boy was up to bat. Love, love, love their music. Though I will admit they are on my guilty pleasures playlist. I typically skip over verses that say god but it was really difficult not to hear it being sung by 10,000 people. I had a moment where I felt really sad. That may seem ridiculous to some people but I'm keeping it real here. They sang practically every song I love including, My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark, Dance Dance, I Don't Care, and Sugar We're Going Down.

They were on fire. Okay, not literally but I had a blast! All in all, the shows were worth every single step I took. That's saying a lot as I am in pain today. Yeah, my legs hurt from the stairs and I have a residual headache from lack of sleep and the smell of pot everywhere maybe? Can I just admit to you that I had no idea what pot smelled like? Does that make me naive? Probably but oh well.
What was the last concert you saw? Was it worth it?

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