Baptized at 6

Our church does something once a year called worship in the park. Pretty self explanatory. Normally, it is quite sunny and hot since it is in August. This year I was smart and brought an umbrella for shade. Of course, the kiddo snatched that up for herself. Reminder: sunblock should be put on everyone including Mommy. 
At the end of the service the pastor invited people up that felt the call to be baptized. Abby asked what it was. Then, she said "I wanna be baptized!" We were hesitant as we were when she said she asked Jesus into her heart. Why? Well, I suppose it's due to the fact that it took me 18 years to find God and we didn't want her to do it flippantly. So, we asked her why. And, we hesitated. She talked to a good friend of ours who said she believed she truly knew what she was doing. Still we paused. The breakthrough was the fact that I didn't want her to rush into it BUT I didn't want to squelch her desire to do so either. Due to that, we agreed to let her get baptized reminding her that it was a big commitment - telling everyone there & God that she was following him and doing His will for her life. She enthusiastically agreed.
My heart swelled with emotion when she was put under the water and pulled up again symbolizing being buried with Christ and raised up with Him. Am I certain that she understands it all as well as we do? No. I will never know that for certain. However, I do know that I am not in charge of knowing that. It's not my job. She has someone infinitely more capable that holds her in His hand.

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Bet she is so excited.