Why Starting Kindergarten Later Was Best For Us

This year is definitely different in comparison to last year. If you remember, we decided to pull her out of Kindergarten after it was suggested by both Kindergarten teachers. I worried, because that's what I'm good at, about every step of the way. Would it be more damaging to stay in and possibly get behind or to be pulled out after starting? Was she learning enough in Pre-K once we pulled her out of Kindergarten? Would this year be any different? The short answer for the last question is yes. Okay then, buh bye. 

Not enough detail? I thought not but didn't want to bore you with details if you weren't truly interested. This year is very different in fact. She is a leader this year, which I suspect also stands for bossy at times. She is in the top of her class for reading. I am so proud of this girl I could burst. Let's get serious though, I would be proud of her no matter what. It affirmed the decision we made last year. That difficult, worrisome sort of decision. I have come to the conclusion that all the power we give to our struggles is misplaced. What good comes from stressing over a situation and letting it nearly paralyze you with it's consequences? Nothing. 

My heart is full knowing that God has answered my prayers for our daughter so far. The prayers that were wrought with tears and full of a parents love. Prayers that God would meet us in the middle of our worry, our fears, and turn it all into something beautiful. And He so did and does so much more often than I deserve. That, my friends, is grace. 

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Becky Dougherty said...

Sometimes children are just not ready for Kindergarten at age 5, and that's ok! This is especially true if they're on the younger end of 5 (having a birthday close to the district's cut-off date). I missed starting Kindergarten by one day, and while I was so upset at the time (my cousin/best friend got to go and I didn't), I honestly think it was good for me. I was ready to go, but another year didn't hurt (and I didn't even go to preschool!). :)