How to Save Hard Marshmallows In ONE Easy Step!

This is not a tutorial. I mean, one step can't possibly be considered a tutorial right? It is more of a tip. A tip born from frustration. Have you ever been about to do some baking with brown sugar and you find it all rocky and hard? Yep, me. This is about marshmallows. I found myself needing marshmallows that may have sat in my pantry for a tad too long and turned to little rocks. Yes, I could have gone to the store. I could have. I should have. I didn't. Honestly, the kiddo was not store worthy at the time. She was quite cranky and I foresaw a disaster. So, I need a fix. A quick fix. A simple fix. And, then it came to me...


I use it to soften that rocky old brown sugar. Would it do the same for marshmallows? I didn't know for sure but thought it was worth a try. I popped the marshmallows and a slice of bread into a sandwich baggie then sealed that baby closed. I left it for awhile.

I wish I could tell you the exact time. The truth? I was distracted by said six year old. Such is the life of a mom right? I would venture to guess it was 30-45 minutes. So, did it work?

HECK YEAH it did!

Those marshmallows were squishy and soft again! Like they were brand new. I promptly used them for my candied sweet potatoes...thus saving Thanksgiving! While it's not revolutionary, it was the best thing I've discovered since...well, sliced bread. I was pretty impressed with myself and my hubby was pretty impressed with the sweet potatoes. Win win!

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