The Most Happiest Day of Her Life

It never fails to surprise me what I see looking through the eyes of our 6 year old daughter. All the sparkle, glow, and magic of Christmas, and life in general, can be seen in her. The things she notices and celebrates brings a smile to my face.

This morning was a particularly stressful morning. You know, the kind of morning where mommy needed a glass of wine before 10 am? I didn't have it, I promise. I just thought about it for a split second. But anyway, she had been whining and throwing a fit in the store because she wanted food right that moment. She had been whining over every little thing practically all morning. I was done.

We got in the car and began driving toward home, thank goodness, when she began whistling. She suddenly said, "Today is the most happiest day of my life." Still in my funk I chortled and said "Why?" "Because it's the day I learned how to whistle." Ding.

It is. She was whistling. Not a strong whistle, mind you, but a whistle. She's been working on this FOR YEARS and I nearly missed it. I was so frustrated at her behavior earlier and holding what I can only call a grudge toward my six year old daughter that I almost missed the day she currently calls the most happiest of her life.

But, and here's the important part, I didn't miss it.

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Becky Dougherty said...

That it just too sweet!