Time Flies Being A Mom

I don't even begin to understand how we are already eleven days into 2015. I feel like I'm going to blink and it will be this time next year. How does time go so quickly sometimes and so slowly others? As the mom of a young child, you might know what I mean. Sometimes it feels like one day can last forever especially when your tiny one has colic. Ugh. And yet, you turn around and your newborn is rolling over. Then turning one. How do these long days turn into fast years? 

Our newborn daughter is six. Well, six and a half according to her. We are halfway through her Kindergarten year. Most of the time I think I'm in denial of that. She is changing so quickly from her jack o' lantern smile that is filling in already, to her height - just over 49 inches already. One day she freaks out about me attempting to change her earrings and then yesterday she was completely ready for me to do it. 

It seems like once I adjust to being a mom of a certain stage or age, she changes. That is life I guess. Not comfortable for those of us who want things to stay the same. Being part of Celebrate Recovery, which is for more than just substance abuse by the way, has shown me how much I want control in my life. It leaks out into every facet of my life. Parenting. Marriage. Friendship. Even my eating. 

But, this control is an illusion as most of you well know. Time passes and things change. One day all this noise and chaos will calm down. My house will emptier and quieter. And, I will miss the chaos I wished away so flippantly. She will not be my little six year old girl, so sweet and sassy, forever. I must enjoy it while it's here.

Time flies being a mom. Make memories that last.

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