Being Used By God - What Inspires Me

There are a lot of people in my everyday life that touch my heart. For that I am truly blessed. And, sometimes, there are people whom I've never met, except through their blog, that bless my socks off. What is it that inspires me? Is it seeing adorable crafts, perfect outfits, or beautiful faces? No. Those things are nice. They are, but what inspires me is so much more.

My inspiration to do better. to be better is in broken lives. It is in honesty. It is in seeing those people that are so deep in hurt and still have their hands firmly grasped on hope. It is in seeing joy. It is in seeing love and grace lived out. In faith that is strong even when the person is not sure of a single thing outside of Christ.

Because that, my friends, is life. Life lived well. It's not about appearing perfect. It's not about hiding your pain and flaws from others. It's letting God use YOU, your weaknesses, and your story, for HIS glory. Letting Him use those things that make us want to run and hide to encourage others by letting His light shine through. 

Recently, I was introduced to a blog called Mundane Faithfulness written by Kara Tippetts. A friend on Facebook had liked one of her posts and thus, my journey into her world began. Anyone who knows me knows that I struggle with anxiety. One of my main anxieties is dying. I don't really talk about that but it's true. 

That's what makes Kara's posts so dear to my heart. You see, Kara is dying from cancer. We'll all die...someday...but she is faced with the pain of cancer every moment of every day. She is literally fading. But, as she fades from this world to the next, she is sharing her heart. Her struggle. Her faith. The realness of what I read both breaks my heart and inspires me to live life in a way that is honoring to God. In her posts, she asks questions like "Where do you keep people at a distance- afraid to let them see your suffering?" and "How are you faking strength today?" Questions that most people, myself included, don't ask themselves. Questions that let the light shine into my soul.

Her story, her life is being used, and will continue to be used, by God to touch others. God doesn't NEED to use us but he chooses to use us. Chooses. And, you don't have to struggle with addiction, or cancer, or anything that is "major" to be used by God. Just be real. Are you having a tough day with the kids? Feel like ripping your hair out because the laundry needs done again? Are you imperfect? Good! So, is everyone else in this world. Show someone else love and grace and Jesus today. It might just be today that they need it most.

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