The Best of Me Tea Party #TheBestofTea

When was the last time you got together with some girlfriends for a girls night in? For me, that would be last night. And, man, was it needed! We had a tea party and movie night for the movie The Best of Me. It included yummy treats like these:

Oreo Truffles

Petite Fours
Those treats were so yummy and decadent. Every sweet love story needs perfectly sweet treats in my opinion. I had a blast making them for our fun night. I was sent some amazing goodies from Fox Home Entertainment Insiders and Teavana. Speaking of Teavana, have you ever heard of them?

They believe that great tea works wonders. The delicious tastes and health benefits make tea a wonderful beverage - much better than the unhealthy alternatives. The Teavana dream began with an idea that people would enjoy fresh, high-quality tea in a place that was part Tea Bar, part Tea Emporium. We wanted to introduce people to the aromas, textures, and beneficial qualities of loose leaf teas while enlightening them with the history and variety of teas available. And this is how Teavana was born. Below are the items they sent me. 

I have to admit that, though I love tea, I had never had loose leaf tea before. Oh, what I was missing out on! I think I am spoiled now. The beautiful tin on the left is filled with rock sugar, and the white tin has the most amazing smelling tea. It is a limited edition tea called First Blush. "A poetic pairing of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls and Strawberry Blush Rose that blossoms with the rapturous flavors of strawberries, rose petals, summer jasmine flowers, tangerines, rhubarb slices and vanilla bean. Blended with love and infused with romance, First Blush is sure to warm the heart of whomever you're sweetest on this Valentine's Day." This is how they describe this yummy tea on their website and I feel it quite fitting.

I also received a mug and vanilla scented candle for everyone in attendance. Isn't that sweet? These gals certainly thought so too! 

Finally it was time to make some tea and enjoy the food! 

Isn't this Perfectea maker super cool? It is much simpler to use than I thought. You simply place the loose leaf tea into it then add the freshly boiled water. Close the lid and let it steep the recommended time. When the time is up you just place it on a cup to drain the liquid. 

Let's not forget the tissues because this movie is a definite tear jerker! Thankfully, Fox Home Entertainment Insiders remembered those in the package as well. They are so considerate and trust me, those Kleenex were needed. 

Have I mentioned I have a slight man crush on James Marsden? Ahem yeah. Moving on.

About the movie: Although I love Nicholas Sparks, I had not read this one. That may be a good thing because this movie made me bawl. Like dead on, ugly cry. Ugh. It is a sweet, sweet story mixed with some disturbing elements. You have been warned. 

The Best of Me is about two main characters named Dawson and Amanda. They are a pair of former high school sweethearts reunite after many years when they return to visit their small hometown. I also have to share one of my favorite lines. It made me laugh and felt so real to me. "This is dangerous, we've had wine, and you somehow have gotten better looking which is so annoying. I mean you couldn't have gotten bald or fat or something? Jesus!"

I had a blast having this fun girl's night in! Thanks Teavana and Fox Home Entertainment Insiders! 

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