The Book of Life Family Movie Night #BOLInsiders

In our house we love movies. One of our favorite events is having a family movie night. I don't know, there's just nothing like spending time with loved ones laughing and giggling over a movie and a bowl of popcorn or other yummies for that matter. 

Fox Home Entertainment Insiders provided us with a fun box of goodies to have a Family Movie Night starring The Book of Life. In the box was super cute plates, napkins, and cups in line with the movie theme. There were also paper character masks, printed activity sheets, and skull/bone plastic bead necklaces. Let's not forget a Target gift card to help buy some items for the night. 

Have you seen The Book of Life yet? It came out on Blu-ray/DVD on 1/27/15 by the way. I remember being nervous about the subject matter because it is based on the dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which is a Mexican holiday celebrated all over the world. But, I had nothing to worry about. It is a really cute movie with stunning artwork and beautiful music. 

For our family movie night we had taquitos, meatball subs, dip/pretzels, and dessert. Here are some pics of our fun night!
Cute plates and cups, right?

Yummy food is always a win.
Everyone was intensely watching the movie...even our dog! lol

Our family portrait

Great scene!

This child loves to dance to closing credit music. Love her.

So, yeah, as you can tell our movie night was a success! We also spent time talking about some of our family goals for 2015. One goal we made is to spend more time, as a family, outside in nature. I don't know what it is about being out of the house together but it does a family good.

When was the last time you had a family movie night? And, do you set family goals?

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