Falling Into a Funk

Have you ever just fallen into a funk? I've found myself in that place this last week. No real reason other than just every day life. I suspect that mine is due to stress, hormones, and lack of exercise. Oh yes, a bad combo indeed. 

Just as I was geared up to start back with my exercise routine hormones reared their ugly head. I've been slowly gaining all the weight I lost back due to not being diligent with my workouts or eating for that matter. It's official. I cannot fit into my smaller jeans anymore. I suppose that alone could make me be in a bad mood.

Still I know I am blessed in many ways. Mother's Day is coming up and it was not that long ago that this holiday was a bit of a beast for me to put it mildly. Having the child I prayed so long for changed that. Though I must admit the sting of infertility has never completely left me as I would be thrilled for another child (or two). 

The thing about moodiness or funks, whether they are well deserved or not, is that they affect everything. They also tend to happen when I am not taking care of myself or putting my relationship with God first. It's darn near impossible to be in the right frame of mind all on my own. I have to put some effort and care into my life. And, clearly, right now I'm not. So, here is my prayer for today...

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