Our Trip to the Big Top

This weekend I took Abby to the circus for the first time ever. The first time ever? She is six, you say. True but this is the first year that I didn't think she would be afraid of the clowns. She's always been a bit of a fraidy cat over things even Mr. Chuck E. Cheese himself. She did amazingly well and it just goes to show how much she has grown up. *sniff*

I gave her the choice of doing the pony ride or the elephant ride. This big girl picked the elephant ride. My camera didn't do a great job of taking photos of it, sadly. But, here is my try for a good photo.

I was honestly surprised she didn't chicken out but she had a blast! She also got her face painted. There were many designs available. They did it all by hand and were quick but good.

Does that look like the face of a happy girl? I think so! There were so many acts from guys riding motorcycles across wires to clowns to tigers doing tricks. Each time I looked over at my daughter she was awestruck. Like this.

I'm so glad we took the time to go this year and that we went with some great friends!

We'll definitely be going next year! 

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