Rambling Update

Things have been interesting here. School is out. That is code for...summer boredom. My goal is that byAb plays outside more than she watches movies/tv. It has finally warmed up here so that should be easier. We've had lots of mosquitoes this year though and she's been getting eaten alive practically. She's also had to say goodbye to her first BFF. Lili and her family are moving to another state and it has been pretty hard on Abby. 

Which reminds me, we had so much rain this year. Way more than any previous year we've been here. Part of the time it was cold and rainy. The other part was warmer and rainy. Both didn't have a positive effect on the hubby's job situation. 

Don't get me started on money stuff. I am trying to trust that God will take care of us. After all, He always has but sometimes it's hard. I want to control it all but that's not my job, is it? That is definitely easier said than done.

I've been reading a lot more lately which has been nice. I missed that. I might start sharing what I think about some of them. I just finished a book called Dollhouse that was very intriguing but dark. I'm still not quite sure what I think of it. 

Also, I am glued to the screen whenever Pretty Little Liars is on. This season, season 6, is crazy. I cannot wait for answers to all of my questions if I ever get them. We shall see, I guess. I have found that most PLL fans are a bit intense and creative with their theories. It makes me smile mostly. Though I am curious to see if any of them are right.

See, now I've been rambling about that dang show again. I can't help it! I'm sort of addicted. What are you addicted to right now?

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