HOME Family Movie Night Coming Soon!

So, you all know that I just gave away a copy of the adorable family movie HOME right? It just came out on Blu-ray/DVD on 7/28/15. We've had it on Digital HD for a while now and I won't even tell you how often we've watched it. It's sort of embarrassing actually. Thanks to Fox Home Entertainment Insiders we are having a fun Family Movie Night this weekend! 

Guess what we're watching?! Betcha can't! Hehe.

Yep, HOME! We are getting some fun party supplies for the occasion including a slushie maker! I might even make some special snacks for the night. We also have a special clip just for you... Oh's Party Planning Tips!

Check back on my Twitter and Instagram pages on Saturday night as I bring our party to you live! I will also be updating the blog after the weekend to share the fun. Why don't you join us and have your very own HOME family movie night? Here is a link of fun party printables.

Have a great weekend! 

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