Phrases My Kid Probably Won't Understand

Our kids have it so easy. Well, at least when it comes to phones and computers. I mean, my daughter won't have to deal with so much frustration in that regard. Here are some phrases my kid will likely not understand.

Be kind. Please rewind. I mean, she doesn't even know what Blockbuster or Hollywood Video is never mind what a VHS tape is. This is crazy. Hollywood Video closed closed the last of their stores in 2010 and Blockbuster closed  stores and online DVD deliveries in early 2014. Honestly, though I don't miss VHS much. I always had issues with them getting caught in the VHS player.

I tried to call you but it was busy. Occasionally my cell phone will wig out and give me a busy signal but most people never hear that frustrating sound when calling friends or family. There was no call waiting. And don't get me started on the fact that we didn't have caller ID. That was an introverts worst nightmare, I know.

When you called me last night I got kicked off the internet. It took forever to dial up again. Okay, so I know that some people still use dial-up internet but it is becoming a dinosaur, thankfully. Do you remember what a pain in the butt that was? EVERYTHING took SO LONG!

I need to get this film developed so I can see how my pictures turned out. I can barely remember when digital cameras (and cell phones with good digital cameras) didn't exist. On one hand, you could take some really good photos with those film cameras. On the other hand, you could (and often did) have blurry, horrible pictures instead. I love being able to see a photo instantly and re-take it if necessary.

Hang up the other phone, I've got it! When I was a kid we had these weird things called landlines. Phones were hooked up to jacks throughout the house. Every time a call came in you would hear ringing in many rooms. Whoever answered first had to then call the person to pick up the nearest phone. "Hang up the other phone, I've got it!" was commonly heard. I'm just lucky I didn't have a nosy sibling listening in on my calls.

I've got a quarter if I need to call for a ride home. Again, no cell phones were available in the 80's. We had these disgusting things called payphones. A local call was .25 and we only had a certain amount of time to talk before you had to deposit more money. If you failed to find another quarter then you were disconnected. You learned to convey your messages fast. "Done at 4. Be at the office. Bye."

I ran out of room on my floppy disk. It will only take 10 more for this file. Ah floppy disks. They held so little data. It was a lot at the time. 1.4 Mb. Just as a clue, CD's hold up to 700 Mb's. Oh, gosh. Will she even know what a CD is by the time she is a teen?!

My dad's going to hook up the Atari so I can play Frogger after school. Atari? Frogger? This was what video games looked like when I was young. Well, until the Nintendo Entertainment System was created in 1985.

 photo frogger.gif
This is much, much faster than the original but what do you expect? This is a gif. ;)

I made the perfect mix tape for our road trip. I'm sorry, a mix what? What's a tape? Oh, you mean a playlist? Um, no. Mix tapes were my favorite.

I didn't have your number, so I looked you up in the phone book. You know, the white pages. No, not on the computer! It was a big book with names, addresses, and phone numbers. Ah, forget it.

How about you? Did you ever say any of these phrases? Do you have any to add?

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Becky Dougherty said...

Oh, such truth to these phrases! And I LOVED Frogger! :)