Thursday 13

All Things Lovely

It has been eons since I've done a Thursday 13 post. I miss them. And, so here we go! Thursday 13 can be about anything. I could make a theme or be random. Let's see what we get today!

1. Our daughter is so close to being seven years old. Two weeks people. Two weeks from Saturday. I'm really not sure how time can fly so fast.

2. The hubby's job has finally picked up. This is both awesome and hard. Awesome for the obvious financial reasons and hard because we got used to having him home more.

3. In a little under a month our kiddo will be a first grader. I think she's going to have an awesome year but I do wonder how it will go with homework since we had zero in Kindergarten.

4. In the last week I got to see two very different concerts. The first was Living Color & Aerosmith. The second was Montgomery Gentry & Alabama. My favorite was Aerosmith by far. Man, do they rock! But, I'll be honest, I had no idea I liked Montgomery Gentry so much!

5. I'm trying to get back into sending little notes to friends and family. I love getting and sending snail mail plus I think everyone can use encouragement.

6. Did I tell you we have a garden? It doesn't have a huge amount of veggies but that's because it was our first year trying it and some things didn't survive. We have tomatoes and zucchini that is flourishing with a few baby veggies so far. It's unbelievably rewarding.

7. I finally have a new computer on its way to our house. It should be here in about a week. I cannot wait. Our current laptop is three years old (to us) and was at a rental center prior. It keeps overheating and shutting down no matter what I try.

8. I've been loving listening to Pandora lately. I might have close to a billion stations saved. My favorite right now? Well, I have two. #1 is Breakeven (song) and #2 is Oasis (group).

9. We are trying to eat better. Meats, eggs, veggies, fruits with some dairy. Mainly I'm trying not to have excess sugar and carbs. It's tricky. Always tricky.

10. One thing I wish I could buy? An air conditioner for our house. Yes, it is cold most of the year but right now it is in the upper 80's/lower 90's and it gets way too hot in here. Whine, whine, I know.

11. I'm still debating myself as to whether I actually enjoyed Pitch Perfect 2 or not. Parts of it I loved. Other parts I could have done without. Which side will win? I guess we'll see if I buy it when it comes out on DVD/Digital HD.

12. I found a new game that I absolutely adore. My friend Heather owns it and it's called Rummikub. It's like the card game Rummy but with tiles.

13. I'm still addicted to Pretty Little Liars. It is getting close to the mid-season finale of the show where we are supposed to get ALL the answers. I want to trust Marlene King. I do but she's toyed with my emotions one too many time. So, I'll believe it when the episode is over. ;)

Okay, so obviously I went with completely random here. My thoughts were all over the place. Typical and I make no apologies!

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