Almost School Time

We have two weeks until school starts. First grade. This momma's heart is emotional. I'm so proud of the girl she is becoming. So very proud. At the same time I am in denial. How can it be possible she is almost seven and almost a first grader?

We just went to her school for reading assessment for first grade. They had her read half a book to herself and half aloud. Then, she had to answer questions about it as well as copy a verbal sentence to paper. The teacher came out with a thumbs up and told us to "keep up the good work". I am so proud of our girl.

So, summer is almost over for us. I'm not ready for that either. It means snow is not too far away. Most likely we have about two months until our first snow. Shh. I can't believe I said that! We haven't done a lot of swimming this summer. I'm not sure why except that the only place we can go (without paying extra) is the Y. That would be fine but their hours stink. 3-5:30 pm is their open swim with additional evening hours. I want early daytime hours. Oh well.

What have you been doing with your summer? Leave me a note below telling me of your exciting tales! 

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