Are Christians Hypocrites?

I have no excuse for my absence. Actually, I do. I've been cleaning. Deep cleaning. Like some people do in the spring. I've told you before I'm a procrastinator alright? A touch of my OCD has been rearing it's ugly head. Along with anxiety and a smidge of depression. Is smidge a word? No matter. I'm beginning to really believe that you are what you eat. Which leads us to this point.

I have not been eating well. 

I've been eating quite poorly actually. Not in quantity, oh no, but low in nutritional value for sure. My habits are back. Overeating anything that doesn't move except lots of fruits and veggies. Not moving my body. Forgetting my value in God's eyes.

The last one is probably key. In fact, I know it is. That's what happens when you stop growing in the faith. You don't sit where you left off. You drift backward uncontrollably. All those victories I experienced, and I don't just mean weight loss, have vanished in front of my eyes. Things like not eating my emotions, and trusting God.

I've been really "good" about praying for others lately. Not even a smidge (there's that word again) good about praying for myself and my struggles. Or, about spending time in the word. I need to center myself back on God. It's not about being a good Christian woman. It's not about checking off an item on a list. It's about connecting to the heart of God. 

I realize there have been a lot of seemingly "good" Christians in the news lately. The word hypocrite comes into play. And, while I would not excuse the actions of those people it does make me think. 
Every human is exactly that. Human. Even when someone accepts Christ into their life, they are still human. Still sinful by nature. We have been forgiven (and will always be so) but we still struggle. We do things that we despise and cannot help ourselves. 
For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do--this I keep on doing. -Romans 7:19
Others may see our behavior as hypocritical. I think it really depends on each persons heart. If we are sinning and could not care less and yet we still speak of others needing to repent then, yes, we are being hypocrites. If we are sinning and it breaks our heart each time, then I think we are in a different category entirely.

Why am I even talking about all this? We need to think before we judge someone else. We don't know their hearts. We can only guess. And, we are rarely right. Let's leave the judgement to God. There is so much hate and sin in this world but because of God there is beauty too. It's such a twisted sort of puzzle.

I will never understand it all on this side of Heaven. And, the older I get the more okay I am with that.

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