Heart-Building Phrases

As a person, I tend to be hyper-critical of myself. I have these expectations to never appear foolish, or stupid. As a mom, I fear I've carried this over into parenting. The fear of others opinions finds its way into my heart, head, and voice without me realizing it. I get impatient, cranky, and sometimes, I know, my words make my daughter feel like she can do no right. It breaks my heart and leads to repentance. 

The good news? Today is a new day. I can't change how I acted then but today I can choose to love my daughter (and husband) like God loves each of us. So, here are some phrases that will build up your children's hearts instead of tearing them down.

You are important to me.

I am listening.

I love you as you are.

I trust you.

You are not alone.

I'm proud of you.

Don't give up.

I will always love you.

There's nothing I'd rather be doing right now.

There's no rush.

Keep up the good work.

I'm so glad I'm your mom.

Seeing you makes my heart happy.

Mistakes are a part of growing up. 

My prayer is that the damage I may have done with my words, fears, and critical spirit would be healed. Because honestly, I want to have a special relationship with my daughter...not control her. Not make her afraid of me. Or, afraid of making mistakes. She is a blessing to our family and I want her to truly believe that.

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