Quote of the Day: Moving On

It's easy to say we are over something. An emotion. A fight. Abuse. Addiction. It is easy to say and so much harder to live out. Moving on without dealing with it is impossible. Part of our soul stays stuck. Immovable in its grief. We may not recognize it for years but then it pops up again out of the blue. 

It's so much worse for people who stuff things inside. Are you like that? I know I am. I stuff. I say I'm fine. I try to make myself believe it. In the end, usually after a binge, I realize the truth. Why do I stuff things down inside as if I can't handle it? Oh wait, I know this one. It's because I am trying to deal with it all by myself instead of entrusting it to the One who can not only handle it but take it completely from me. 

Getting beyond something requires thinking, feeling, and prayer. It comes with understanding what we felt and why as well as why that feeling doesn't need to be with us anymore.

Is there anything you are struggling with moving past?

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