The Lost Get Found

These are lyrics from a song I adore by Britt Nicole called The Lost Get Found. It's lyrics echo one of my core fears...standing out. As a kid I remember wishing to blend in. To not be seen. I was picked on quite a bit and being a sensitive child, it stung badly. It stayed with me for days, weeks, months, even years. I also wished for red hair and green eyes because, yeah, THAT would make me invisible. But whatever. 

How could I, or can I, want to blend in and also want to be noticed? To be special? The two don't coexist. Either I want to be a wallflower or the singer on the stage. Either I want to open myself up to the possibility of criticism and get freedom in the process or lock myself up in my house, wasting away. If nobody sees you, sees your story, sees how far you've come, then it is all wasted. There are people out there that need to hear about your struggle and how you got past it. How God got you past it. Because that breeds hope for them. 

And, that's how the lost get found.

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