God Shed His Grace On Thee

My mind has been filled all day with thoughts of this day fourteen years ago. Though I can't quite believe it has been that long. I can't bring myself to re-live the day in photographs no matter how many times they fell before me today.

It saddens me to know that so many souls perished from the events of that day. That the hatred that perpetuated this horrendous crime still exists - lives and breathes in corners of the earth. It makes my heart ache and my head pound. These moments make me want to scream "Why?" and still, after all this time, I have no answers. 

As there are so many stories of sorrow and deep loss - I've heard many that fill me with awe. Stories of those who should have been there, right there, but for a small, seemingly insignificant reason they were not. And so, they lived.

I can't pretend to make sense of it all. Some people would say it's all to do with God's will or, worse, his condemnation. I think both of these trains of thoughts are horribly inaccurate and cruel. My God is a God of love and though, yes, he works in mysterious ways, I cannot and will not believe that he set those events into motion.

So, this day ends - once again - with me thanking God for each day, each moment of my crazy little life. Even the ones that drag on or seem filled with sadness, loneliness, or frustration. Because each day I take another breath is one to be thankful for. 

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