Mary, Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow?

I have always wanted a garden. Okay, not always but, seeing as I can't keep a houseplant alive, I figured vegetables and fruits were out of my reach. Still, my hubby and I talked about it last Spring (which is like Winter #3 for us in Wyoming) and we decided to give it a go. We bought some seeds, a few supplies and began to grow our seedlings indoors. 

They started out looking like this. We planted broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, strawberries, and zucchini initially. Lo and behold - we had growth! I was ecstatic!

Except. These beautiful plants didn't all make it into the ground in our backyard. They...died. Not due to an error on my part but we had a significant amount of rain. SO much more rain than usual and we couldn't get them planted because of it. So, all but the zucchini and tomato didn't make it. I was so sad. I could have cried. I may have teared up.

We didn't even know for sure if our "babies" would make it. But, we had hope.

Those are the pitiful looking zucchini. A couple looked really good but one even was broken a bit. So, do you want to see months of hoping, watering, and weeding? Here goes! See the little green tomatoes and zucchini blossoms?

Now, we even have tomatoes starting to get red along with 15 others on their way and many zucchini that are growing nice and big. I had no clue I could feel so much...pride and joy over growing our own garden. I can't wait for next year when we will, hopefully, be able to grow even more of our own veggies. 

Do you garden or have you ever wanted to do so? What would you grow?

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