Hallmark Keepsake: Flying Ace Review

Christmas has always been special. Growing up we got a new ornament every year (usually Hallmark) and though I loved it I have to admit that I didn't really get it at the time. As the years passed and I matured I began to see how special this tradition is. The truth is my childhood was tied to those ornaments. Each year was marked by what ornament we got. You might understand. When there's a new baby in the family do you get a special ornament to mark that wonderful event? Well, I am definitely one of those people that would.

When I look back at the ornaments on my tree, I see special moments not just ornaments. For instance, when I look at my new Flying Ace Snoopy Red Plane ornament from Hallmark, I remember watching the whole Peanuts gang with my family. There are just some names that can't be forgotten. Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Linus, and especially Snoopy! I grew up watching The Peanuts Gang and now they are part of some special, nostalgic memories. I love that they are still around so I can share the fun with our own kiddo. Who remembers Snoopy as Flying Ace? I do! I do!  Just take a look at all the cuteness!

Not only do I love it but my daughter immediately loved it. It doesn't hurt that it has sound effects and the propeller spins. My point, though, is this: I'm making the same ornament memories with my daughter that I so love from my childhood. My heart warms at the thought of her being able to look back on these ornaments and remember why they are special to us.

Do you have any special Hallmark ornaments on your tree? I'd love to hear all about them!

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