SpeakStick by SmartMixture Review

We are music lovers in this house. Music plays from our tablets, my phone, and even the tv. Until recently we had to go without music in the shower. Oh yes, we could put our phone or tablet in the room but that comes with its own set of issues. The screens get fogged from moisture. That can't be good for electronics, right? Also, it was hard to hear them sometimes.

So, when I was asked to review the SpeakStick I was intrigued. The SpeakStick is a Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker by SmartMixture. 

My whole family LOVES this speaker! It has a giant suction cup on the back to hold on to your shower wall. I was worried that it wouldn't hold it, but it's very secure. It hasn't fallen off yet and we've been using it for awhile. 

Another thing about the SpeakStick is that it doesn't require charging very often. I think we've been charging it about every week and a half at most. It uses a USB plugged into your computer to charge. It's not like a portable music player in the traditional sense. It connects to any Bluetooth device such as your phone or tablet. Whatever music you play on that device will come out of the SpeakStick when it is connected. And, it has excellent sound!

If your phone is the device hooked up to it you can answer it in the shower if you so desire, when it rings. I don't use that feature very often because, really, do you need to talk to anyone in the shower? I say that's my down time, personally, but it is very handy.

All in all, I haven't found one thing about this product that I dislike. If you or someone you know enjoys music then check out the SpeakStick. Christmas is fast approaching! It's available in several colors so you can pick the perfect one for your gift recipient.


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