Spread Joy

It's Christmas Eve. Time has flown by this year. I think it's due to my daughter counting down to Christmas. Our family is just now recovering from the ickies. Ugh. I have had the intestinal junk twice now. Why? The good news I've managed to still attend school despite feeling bad. I'm thankful for that.
There are a lot of things I am thankful for this year and most of them include people. As a kid, I think I loved presents more. That is fairly common among kids. As adults, I think we are supposed to grow out of that. But it seems that some of us haven't gotten the memo. Don't get me wrong, I like presents a lot. Like a lot a lot. But when that becomes our focus, I think there's an issue.

I saw an article on Facebook recently that caused quite a buzz. It was about a women who had bought tons of presents for her kids. And I do mean tons. There is a big, huge pile of presents in front of what appears to be a Christmas tree, though it's hard to tell for sure.
Now, I'm not going to say I think she's bad for having so many gifts for her loved ones. Honestly, I understand the desire to do so. There have been many harsh words said, and there's no need to add to that. My message? Love other people. Spread joy. In a world of fast response via social media we can choose to do those things thus improving the world a bit at a time. If we do this then we are much closer to the true meaning of Christmas than we were before.
Merry Christmas everyone!
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