Thursday Thirteen: School

Today I am focusing my Thursday Thirteen on all things school. It has been a while and I know some of my family members read my blog so here you go. My intention is not to brag but I do want to share my excitement at this new journey of life.

1. I'm halfway through my Medical Terminology and English Communications classes. 

2. My first Med Term test was over three chapters and I got 100% on it.

3. At our winter school assembly my friend and I received the Rising Star award.

4. I've gone through nearly 600 flashcards in my Med Term class thus far.

5. My husband is amazing. He has always helped out at home but I really feel he has been doing so much extra to take the stress off.

6. There are so many facets of my personality I've had to challenge in school so far. 

7. I miss hanging out with my friends.

8. Mom guilt is real. I hate that I can't help out in my daughter's class, attend class parties, or do field trips with her. It makes me question myself all the time. Will she understand? Will it scar her long term? And yes, I realize I tend to over-analyze sometimes. 

9. Although I love blogging, I've come to see, thanks to my English class, that technical writing is much more difficult.

10. Have I mentioned I have a research paper coming up? It is due after Christmas break. I don't really remember ever doing a research paper, though I imagine I must have at some point.

11. I have to wear scrubs every day at school. 

12. So far I have gotten all A's in my classes.

13. Admittedly, I am nervous about my future classes including Speech, Anatomy & Physiology, and Phlebotomy never mind College Mathematics. One day at a time. Breathe. 

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