Okay, so the other day I was talking about making lunch fun. I completely forgot to mention another trick I have. No worries, here I am with another post! Something my daughter loves is bananas. Mmm. Some days I put one in her lunch or snack. Obviously, not everyday because I try to shoot for variety. However, I like to include a note. ON the banana. I think it's quite obvious I adore words of encouragement. It's kind of my gift. The first time I made a banana-gram for my girl, she was astonished. She came home from school asking about the banana that I wrote on with marker. Haha.

Take a look at how I do it below.

All you need are a banana and a toothpick! How much easier can it be? You probably have the "ingredients" in your kitchen right now.

Take the toothpick and gently scratch a note in the peel. Don't push too hard as you are writing. It's not necessary and, in fact, makes it a bit harder to write well.

As you can see, my note says, "I *heart* U!" Anything goes here. I love using inside jokes like "Olive Juice (I love you)" as well. You know best what will make your kiddo giggle and smile.

I think she likes it! As you can see, within a little bit of time the scratched area darkens making the message very visible. I love the idea that I can speak words of love to her throughout her day. It really makes her smile. 

Have fun writing banana-grams to your little one!

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