Growing Old Together

One day recently my husband and I were sitting on our bed talking. It was probably around my birthday. You know, the big 4-0? I was complaining about the signs of growing older. Talking about my gray hair, which by the way is insane lately. It could be that women are more prone to staring in the mirror picking ourselves apart. Oh look, a new wrinkle or two. Those bags under my eyes are deeper than they used to be. Is that an age spot?! Yeah, these are all things I've said to myself.

So, imagine my surprise when my husband dropped this "little pearl" in my lap.

"I like your gray hair."

What? What did he say? He's just being nice.

"Why do you like my gray hair?"

Cause I hate it, I thought.

"Because it means we're growing old together."

While I could focus on the fact that he just essentially called us old...I didn't. I chose to be in the moment and hear my husband's heart.

It's so true, people. We are growing old together. This is a beautiful thing. All the wrinkles, age spots, and gray hair in the world fade away in importance when compared with that.

I love this man.

 He is really good at keeping my perspective in check.

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Twisted Cinderella said...

What a wonderful perspective to have on aging! Very sweet!