Making Math Fun - 20 K-2 Math Games & Activities

If you are interested in helping your Kindergarten-Second Grader get a kick-start on math, then here are some fun ways to do so! There are so many different games that will keep kiddos entertained and learning. That's what I call winning! I've collected 20 of them here for you. To learn more about a specific game, please click on the photo.

Math games for kids: Uno Flip for mental maths times tables and equations  

Addition Pancakes 

Don't Get Zapped! This game was made for first graders, but could oh so easily be adapted for older students with multiplication, division, decimals and more.:  

Place Value Practice!!:

Math with Cupcake Liners: Counting Money Game 

Chutes and Ladders with doubles addition facts...change to multiplication:  

Classroom Freebies Too: FARKLE in the Classroom! Promotes place value, addition, mental math and probability skills. I love playing this game at home, now my kids can play too!:  

If you're looking for telling time activities, you'll love these 3 free games. Just print and play!:

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Show me the MONEY! Do for a display in hallway with a cute title.:  

Such an easy and no-cost math center idea. Easy to differentiate and make. Perfect for building mental math skills!!:  

FREE Fractions Bowling activity that is super fun! (Fractions in First Grade blog post):

This simple activity is a great way to help kids see the connection between addition and subtraction, as well as practice writing addition and subtraction number sentences! Perfect for first grade!:

FREE Telling Time puzzles - this is such a fun way for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade students to practice using a clock with fun math games (homeschool, educational activity, math center):  

Math Facts Baseball - Use this game to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts!:

KABOOM! is a fun, engaging game that is a classroom MUST HAVE! It can be used for all subject areas, easily differentiated, and your kids will beg you to play.:  

If your kids love playing shop, these FREE priced shopping items and task cards will motivate them to practice math while playing money games! The:

Free Printable Money Matching Game: Counting Coins - helps kids understand value of money:  

Duck Pond Addition~Hands-on Math Activity for Kindergarten and First Grade:

Simple game for early finisher work or math rotations. Hopefully a way to help struggling students do better with coin names and values.Print in color, mount on card-stock then laminate.:  


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