Making Math Fun - 20 Preschool Math Games & Activities

If you are interested in helping your preschooler get a kick-start on math, then here are some fun ways to do so! There are so many different games that will keep kiddos entertained and learning. That's what I call winning! I've collected 20 of them here for you. To learn more about a specific game, please click on the photo.

Kindergarten Math - Number game for addition and subtraction. Developing number sense:  

These roll and color dice games are perfect to use all year long! Work on number identification, addition, and subtraction too!:    

Printable butterfly count & clip cards to practice 1:1 counting and fine motor skills from Modern Preschool:   

  We're helping preschoolers learn to count with this fun and interactive lego math game!:  

Watermelon math center ... great for fine motor development too!!:  

Free Dough Mats for Counting to 10. Create flowers, apples, pears, peaches, cherries or whatever kind of tree you want while building fine-motor skills, number recognition and one-to-one correspondence.:   

Apple theme math game for preschool learners. Counting, number identification and subitizing.:  

Counting and Measuring with Lego: Preschool Maths Game - Good way to visually compare numbers - I would suggest making the corresponding numbers (like 5 and 15 or 8 and 18) the same color to help see the pattern relationship between the numbers (5 and 15 or 8 and 18 are separated by 10):  

Make a Number Math Game - Kids strengthen their number sense as they think about all the ways to make a number.:   

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