Musical Monday- Through Your Eyes #musicalmonday #faith

It has been ages since I did a musical Monday post and I thought it would be fun. So, here is a song I am loving right now.

This song really has touched a place in my soul. It addresses something I try not to think about. Self-love. Now, I'm not talking about conceit. Not even talking about thinking I can take on the world by myself. No, I'm speaking to something much deeper. I'm talking about knowing my value in Christ.

It's something that God has been trying to get me to deal with for awhile now. And, it's finally starting to take hold and grow roots. I see me and see all my failures. My flaws. It's really easy to see ONLY those things instead of the things that God sees. I struggle most often with believing I am a new creation.

So, who are we in Christ? I found this printable on Pinterest and had to share it with you. Click on the image to be taken to the original page by Anita Huron. It's a great reminder to hang on your wall.

Which of these do you struggle with believing today?

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