5 Things {Not} To Do While Homeschooling #momlife #homeschool

If you are just starting your homeschool journey you will probably get or come across advice on what to do. Who am I kidding- you'll get an over-abundance of info. What you might not get are things you should avoid. Don't worry - it's not another list of rules. Not really. Read these through and see some of the things I've struggled with as a semi-new homeschool mom. Take the ones you need and really think about them. Toss the rest out of the window. Let me know what areas you might struggle in. 

Here are five things NOT to do while homeschooling:

1. Worry Too Much

If you are anything like me then you are a worrier. It comes naturally to a lot of moms and it's easy to see why. I mean, we definitely want the best for our children. But, when it comes to homeschooling try not to freak yourself out by worrying about every little detail. It will be okay.

2. Compare Yourself to Another Parent

Your child is just that - yours. I whole heartedly believe we are chosen to be our child's mom for a reason. Just be the best teacher you can for your kiddos. I guarantee you that there is no perfect mom out there.

3. Compare Your Child to Another Child

Just like we, as parents, aren't the same as each other - our children aren't the same as each other either. Not all kids are great at reading. Some kids struggle with math. Again I guarantee you that there is no perfect child out there even if it looks like there is.

4. Think That There is Only One Way to Do This

The things that work for one homeschooling family will not always work for the next. There are so many different choices of curriculum for a reason. People use different schedules, different teaching methods, and so on because that is what works for them. Don't trap yourself into thinking that you have to do this homeschool thing a specific way. It's all about your individual family.

5. Forget to Make It Fun

The best part about homeschooling is that you get to enjoy your child on a daily basis. You get to see them learning, yes, but you get to play games and interact with them in ways that they will never forget. Take the time to make it fun and love on your kiddos.

Was there one of these that stood out to you? Obviously for me, it was a little bit of all of them. Please take the time to leave me a comment below. I'd love to hear from you!


Maggie said...

Those are really great tips. It's always easy to compare ourselves to others. We just have to remember we are our own unique beings and have our own parenting/teaching styles.

Theresa said...

These are great ideas. I think all teachers, including homeschooling parents, need to remember to have fun with learning and teaching.