Mocha the Cat Loves Nine Lives #CatHomeMovieNight

Hi Everyone *crunch crunch*!

My name is Mocha. *crunch crunch* Sorry, I'm eating these awesome tuna cat treats that my peeps made me. They invited me to watch a hilarious movie with them called Nine Lives. They've never done that before. Maybe it's because I sit on their chest and block their view. No matter. We are gonna have a blast watching this movie together. The humans even have on whiskers like me!

My favorite person was even playing with my toy! Boy, does she look playful. Hey, hey, don't catch it and chew on it!

I decided to take a break outside and show off our fun new doormat. Aren't I adorable? Ah, I guess it's time to watch the movie now!

Here we are cuddling for more of this action-packed, laugh a minute movie! She really is my favorite. We've been best buds since they found me as a kitten on a hot, summer Arizona day. Believe it or not, this human was only 3 years old when we met!

Our movie fun is over for now but I have a feeling we will be watching Nine Lives again very soon. I loved seeing all my feline friends on the screen. Now, it's time to stretch out in the sun and eat more homemade cat treats. This is the life! Why don't you watch Nine Lives with your own humans? It's available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD now.


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