Letter to Abigail

Dear Abigail,

My sweet, sweet girl. You are eight and a half. Well, almost. The years seem to be flying by and I know that before I blink you will be driving and in high school. But, before we get there I want you to know a few things. I love you. I love you not because a mother is supposed to love her daughter but because you are amazing. I love hanging out with you. Watching you take in the world. Your thirst for knowledge is precious even when that means I am googling sea otter information when I'd rather not.

You care about other people. You love God. You love watching cooking shows and Bob Ross with me. You have big dreams. Some day you want to be on a cooking competition and you also want to be a ninja when you grow up. You feel everything so deeply. Some day this may feel like a bad thing but it's not. We are similar in this way. Just remember that God is more trustworthy than your emotions but it's okay to feel them. You were made exactly the way you are for a reason.

This is our first year of homeschooling. You have been a trooper. Not every day is perfect but I love being able to be your teacher. I'm so proud of how hard you work and how smart you are as a result. You love to read, write, and draw. You also love to share your knowledge of math to people and it makes me smile. One of your favorite math facts is 1000/10=100. Yep, the more and more I get to be around you the prouder I am.

You are Daddy's Little Girl for sure but you always make sure I know I'm loved too. Such a sweet girl. You love to tickle wrestle with us and talk about how we better not get "Memere's knees" or you'll tell her. And you do tell her which I find hilarious.

In each messy, chaotic day there's always a ray of light. I am your momma.


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