Musical Monday: Top Hits of 2015 in 3.5 Minutes #UsTheDuo #Music

One of my favorite things, as you know by now, is music. I love to listen to it and sing along with it. I'm a singer and have been since I was a kid. So, when I hear music I love, I tend to get pretty excited about it. This weekly feature is an extension of that. I'll be sharing some of my favorite music both old and new. So here is this week's pick. And yes, I know this isn't last years Top Hits. I didn't wanna.

This is a medley of the Top Hits of 2015 in 3.5 minutes by the group Us the Duo. There are 17 songs in this medley. Now, I will say I'm not a huge fan of every single song but their voices are amazing. I also love how they transition from song to song. 

Did you hear a song you love? I'd have to say Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy is one of my favorites.

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