Thursday Thirteen :: Random Thoughts (a lot about our upcoming move)

1. Purging your belongings isn't as easy as I thought it'd be.

2. I've had major tension headaches lately as well as shoulder and back pain.

3. I've been really enjoying using my Instant Pot. Quick and yummy meals!

4. I wish we could gather up all those who we love and make them live in the same place.

5. Everyone keeps asking if we know when we are moving. We don't. It really all depends on the house selling.

6. I am so struggling to get motivated with all the house stuff.

7. In all the times that we've moved it still amazes me how torn I feel. I'm so excited to be moving back to Arizona and still I will miss Wyoming and all the amazing friends I've made here.

8. Sometime in the near future I want to start a Bullet Journal. It looks so fun!

9. I've been really enjoying some new music I found lately on YouTube. I'm not even sure what genre it falls under but it is so pleasing to my ear. She does covers and originals but it all started for me with this one from the movie La La Land.

10. I've been loving being part of our MOPS group again. Still debating getting involved once we are back in Arizona.

11. A newer movie that I really love? Nerve. When I first saw the trailer I knew I would love it and I was right. It has an interesting premise. Have you seen it?

12. I used to write all the time. All the time, seriously. I wrote poetry and song lyrics. I wish I could get back into it but I feel like my creativity is broken sometimes.

13. I should probably go and keep packing/sorting!

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