Thursday Thirteen

Did I miss a week (or two)? Things have gotten progressively more busy over here. Nevertheless, I'm here this week and hope you've had a great week so far! Here is my Thursday Thirteen for this week. 

1. The Instant Pot has quickly become my favorite kitchen tool. Yes, I've been sucked into the hype and it is so worth it.

2. The house had some minor things fixed today, which means the only thing standing in the way of listing it is to finish packing, and deep clean the place.

3. Wish us good luck. Ah heck, good luck has nothing to do with it. Please pray that it sells quickly so we can all be together as a family again. This is getting old fast.

4. God has been so gracious in providing amazing friends everywhere we go. This also makes it extremely difficult to leave. Impossible almost.

5. Music has been instrumental in keeping me sane and motivated. I particularly love the 1987 playlist that I found on Spotify.

6. You would not believe the amount of stuff I've given or thrown away.

7. Did you see that the Golden Girls are now on Hulu?! Truly exciting. As a kid, I didn't quite get the jokes but now I love watching it. I'm all about classic tv shows now.

8. Speaking of friends again, I am so thankful that they are willing to help me out. They are such blessings.

9. We're trying to find a place to rent when we are back in Arizona. Hopefully we are able to find one that works in the right time frame.

10. Did anybody else notice that this year marks 30 years since Dirty Dancing was released? How is that possible? I love that movie and fully plan on having a Girl's Night to celebrate!

11. And while we are talking about my childhood I have to share that there is a chance my favorite teen crushes (New Kids on the Block) are coming to our town this summer! Okay, so it's a slim chance but I would totally fly back up here to see them with all my Wyo girls.

12. The other day I accidentally spilled a crap ton of sequins all over the floor. I'm so unhappy about that one. What a pain!

13. I'm looking forward to moving back to AZ but at the same time, I think I am slightly insane to want to move back because of the intense heat. lol

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