Three Weeks In

We moved just over three weeks ago and would you believe we just got all our belongings.This is all due to the cargo trailer tire explosion. Most of our actual "stuff" was in the trailer and living without it has made me realize how much I don't miss it. Well, except for my plates and mugs. I miss those. And, our sheets and towels as well but I digress.

We've been trying to adjust to life in Arizona again. The heat. Oh, the heat. Now while it feels like most of our days so far Arizona has been extremely kind to us on the heat front compared to its usual, it's still much hotter than Wyoming. So there's that. The main kicker is having to adjust to taking the dog out on a leash instead of simply opening the back door. We're spoiled on that front.

Apartment living isn't horrible so far. Granted we've only been in our place for a week but I like our little place. It's a townhome style apartment with two bedrooms and I'm thankful we got it. This may sound silly and it probably is but one of the first things I noticed was the flooring in the downstairs. It is a sort of grayish-brown "wood" that I couldn't possibly describe well enough but it's completely something I love. It was one of those things that made me very happy and I even thanked God for it. I know, I'm crazy but sometimes it really is the little things.

Back to the trailer, we didn't have a problem with the people at Uhaul being nice. No, they were all very nice. But, they were completely disorganized. My hubby had to explain the whole situation no less than five times. We received a call asking us why our trailer (and belongings) was sitting in their yard. Mind you, this was after them having it for a whole week. There was nothing written up about the trailer at all. A few days later we got a call about why we hadn't returned the trailer. Explanation of what happened ensued. Got a call saying the trailer was ready. We went down to pick it up and was told the tire had been fixed. There was no record of the brakes being worked on at all. Explanation of what happened yet again. We had to leave empty handed and were told we would be called. Two days later we were told it was actually ready. And, it finally was.

Honestly, I'm going to think twice about ever using Uhaul again...if we ever decide to move again.

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited about getting to know you through this blog. I hope you post some good recipes too!!