Thursday Thirteen :: 11/2/17

1. My last remaining grandparent died today. I hadn't seen her in years but I will miss her. The thought of her just being gone is crazy to me.

2. I wish we could go to her services but it's just not possible right now.

3. God has really been working on my heart lately. Showing me that I am loved beyond all I can comprehend. 

4. The kiddo had a cough for about three weeks straight. I began using oils (On Guard & Breathe), sitting her in the steamy bathroom, and giving her a rather unpleasant tasting syrup that has a blend of herbs/oils that my friend recommended. She got better quickly! 

5. Now, I have the cough. Ugh. Can't take the syrup as it has honey but the oils are helping immensely as is the batch of Low-carb Elderberry Syrup I made from I Breathe I'm Hungry's blog.

6. The kiddo started PE class. Did you know there are homeschool PE groups? I'm so thankful to have found one thanks to my friend Crystal. She has PE twice a week now and has a blast!

7. A show I'm currently addicted to? Riverdale. Yes, I'm a teenage girl. No, not really. I love the mystery of it all. It's the same thing that drew me to Pretty Little Liars.

8. Halloween was fun. Abby dressed up as a vampire and we went to a friend's Halloween party.

9. It's finally starting to cool down in Arizona! The forecast for the next ten days is in the 80s. Pretty good considering we had still been in the mid to upper 90s. 

10. I've been part of a women's bible study at our church. It really is unlike any study I've been a part of.

11. I'm thinking I should start Christmas shopping. I don't want to be that person that is last-minute shopping and I always seem to be close.

12. I am counting down for the new Taylor Swift album. No judgement. I love her music.

13. I've been debating changing the homeschool curriculum we use. Currently, we are using Monarch which is an online curriculum. There are so many things I like about it (grades is one big one) but I feel like it's taking away the personal touch of homeschooling.

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