How to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Summer is officially here! The kids are going to be home much more now, and the last thing you want to hear are those all-too familiar words: “I’m bored”. A child’s boredom is too often easily quelled by letting them play with a tablet or video games, but it’s important to help them stay active, entertained, and enjoying the wonderful summer weather.

Plant a Garden
One of the easiest ways to keep your kids busy during the summer is to help them plant and tend to a garden. It is something that they can return to and keep up with over the entire summer, and they will love seeing the plants that they helped nurture and grow themselves. Since they aren’t in school, an activity that allows them to learn new skills will keeps their brains active, and it will give them a green thumb that they can look forward to using every summer. If they plant a vegetable garden, they will be excited to enjoy delicious food that sprouted in their own backyard thanks to their help.

Train Little Chefs
Summer is marked with graduation parties, family reunions, 4th of July celebrations, and backyard barbecues, so when it comes to this season, there is going to be lots of food to enjoy. Let the kids take part in making their own summer snacks and treats for another activity that will keep them occupied but also help them learn new skills that they can apply as they grow up! Healthy wraps and sandwiches (made with those homegrown vegetables) and fruit salads are easy to make, and chips with homemade salsa or guacamole is something simple to prepare and enjoy.  They can also cool off with homemade popsicles for dessert, or just as a snack on a hot and sunny day!

Turn a Rainy Day into a Reel Good Time
Throughout the summer you will want to get the kids outside as often as possible, but some days are going to be rainy and gloomy. When stuck indoors, use the opportunity to set up a fun movie day for the kids! Pop some of their favorite popcorn, let them cozy up with pillows and blankets, pop in a favorite DVD and let them enjoy a relaxing pajamas day. If you want to have reassurance that they have access to wholesome and Christian content, Pure Flix offers a large variety of movies, shows, and educational programming. If they want to “binge” safely on a rainy day, look no further!

Garage Sale

A creative way to keep kids busy is to plan a big family garage sale later in the summer. The kids can spend the summer months deciding what toys and clothes they aren’t using anymore and might want to sell to get rid of any clutter they have around the house! When the garage sale day comes, the kids can participate in a garage sale staple if they want and can sell refreshing lemonade to customers. When they start to make money from their item sales, they will feel like little entrepreneurs!


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