Hulu Binge Watching

I have this habit, let's not call it a bad habit. But, it has to do with movies and tv shows.
Typically, I miss the boat or maybe even rebel a little when a show or movie is popular.

I was late to Hogwarts, the Hunger Games, and even Twilight. I didn't watch Pretty Little Liars until it was in one of the last seasons. But once I discovered these I became thoroughly engrossed and binge watched everything I could. So what's my latest binge worthy show?

Veronica Mars.

I can't even begin to tell you how hooked I have become on this show. How hooked, you ask? So hooked that I have watched ALL 72 episodes and the movie in just over a weeks time. And, now what? Do I rewatch them all? Write fan fiction? Pretend that Rob Thomas didn't just rip my heart out?

I feel like a teenage girl. I'm probably a sap and that's okay but I will admit that I cried during the last episode. Like full on actual tears.

Yes, we're in the middle of a pandemic and my hormones are probably off. Life just seems crazy right now so I'm not gonna beat myself up over the fact that I cried over a tv show. Heck, maybe I needed to cry.

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